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The Scarlet Letter (1979) (mini TV-Series)

“An epic Version of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s enduring novel of Puritan America in Search of it’s soul.”

“Hester Prynne - condemned for a sin of passion - must wear forever the scarlet letter ‘A’ on her chest. Proud, courageous and defiant, Hester chooses to assert her independence, motherhood and love despite the social values of her time.

Enduring her public punishment with dignity, Hester grows as the years of her isolation and ostracism pass. Her lover. however, lives undetected in the community, tormented and weakened by the burden of an unexposed sin. And Hester’s husband, thought to be lost at sea, resurfaces and coldly plots his revenge.”


Hester Prynne
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Arthur Dimmesdale
Roger Chillingworth
Mistress Hibbins

... Meg Foster
... Josef Sommer
... Elisa Erali
... John Heard
... Kevin Conway
... Penelope Allen
... Ralph Drischell

Directed by
Rick Hauser
Writing credits
Nathaniel Hawthorne (Novel), Allan Knee, Alvin Sapinsley
Rick Hauser & Herbert Hirschman

4 x 60 min.

Small WMV-File - ‘Making Of’ - Interview with Meg Foster’  









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