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The Osterman Weekend (1983)

“What would you do if a total stranger proved to you that your three closest friends are enemy agents?
For investigative TV host John Tanner, the news comes on the eve of a reunion weekend at his home where the traitors are all placed under intense surveillance by a mysterious CIA operative.
But as the get-together turns deadly, are Tanner and his family being set up for the most shocking betrayal of all?
From its stinging look at media manipulation to its stunning final twist, the ulrimate conspiracy will be uncovered by whoever survives The Osterman Weekend.”


(From Alpha to Omega - Making of “The Osterman Weekend - 2004)

Notes, Highlights & Rumors:

  • The 2-Disc Edition is highly recommended! Not only because of the  78 min. “Alpha to Omega” feature (interviews with cast & producers),  but because the movie had been remastered
  • The part of Steve Tanner is played by Christopher Starr, the son of Meg Foster and actor Ron Starr
  • There’s a scene, where Meg Foster had to punch Helen Shaver. During the practice all went right, but when they actually filmed it, she really smacked her

Ali(ce) Tanner
John Tanner
Steve Tanner
Lawrence Fassett
Virginia Tremayne
Richard Tremayne
Betty Cardone
Joseph Cardone
Bernard Osterman
Maxwell Danforth
Cheryl Carter

... Meg Foster
... Rutger Hauer
... Christopher Starr
... John Hurt
... Helen Shaver
... Dennis Hopper
... Cassie Yates
... Chris Sarandon
... Craig T. Nelson
... Burt Lancaster
... Marcia Carter

Directed by
Sam Peckinpah
Writing credits
Robert Ludlum (Novel),
Ian Masters (adaptation), Alan Sharp

102 min.






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