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Stepfather II (1989)


“... Make Room For Daddy...”

“After a daring escape from a psychiatric hospital, the Stepfather (Terry O’Quinn - TV’s JAG), assumes a new identity and sets out in search of another family to marry into - and kill! He finds the perfect victims: attractive, recently divorced Carol Grayland (Meg Foster - The Man In The Iron Mask) and her teenage son Todd (Jonathan Brandis - Hart’s War). Posing as a warm and caring family therapist named Gene, he appears to be the ideal second husband and father for these two lonely people. But Carol’s best friend Matty (Caroline Williams - How The Grinch Stole Christmas) suspects that Gene is too good to be true. And when Carol’s first husband returns to attempt a reconciliation, he triggers Gene’s fear of discovery, sending him off on a psychotic killing spree. Gene secretly eliminates everyone who stands in his way, until the day arrives to marry Carol, one of the most unforgettable - and horrifying - wedding days ever filmed.”


Carol Grayland
Dr. Gene Clifford
Matty Crimmins
Todd Grayland
Dr. Joseph Danvers
Phil Grayland
Sally Jenkins
Betty Willis
Sam Watkins

... Meg Foster
... Terry O’Quinn
... Caroline Williams
... Jonathan Brandis
... Henry Brown
... Mitchell Laurance
... Miriam Byrd-Nethery
... Leon Martell
... Renata Scott
... John O’Leary

Directed by
Jeff Burr
Writing credits
John Auerbach

93 min.



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