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Zeus’ Godhood was not harmed during the production of this motion picture, although his short stint as a mortal was somewhat interesting

Directed by
Charles Siebert
Written by
Jerry Patrick Brown, Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci



and of course:

... Meg Foster
... Roy Dotrice
... Liddy Holloway
... Scott Michaelson
... Jeffery Thomas
... Glenis Levestam
... Bruce Phillips

... Kevin Sorbo
... Michael Hurst
... Kevin Smith


After Alcmenes’ death, Zeus offers godhood to his son Hercules, reasoning that he could do even more good with the power of a god. Hercules accepts, but when he starts using this power, Hera shows up and convinces him, that Zeus had other reasons then to just help mankind. And in fact, he’s searching for an ally in the never ending fight between him and his wife...


 “You’re a god, now...”

 “If I thought he wasn’t going to suffer...”

Hera always was an important part of the series, she was Hercules archenemy all the time, but we never got to see her. Sometimes her eyes showed up in the sky, her voice resounded through the clouds, and she even appeared in a young girls body. “Reunions” was the first episode the godsmother really could be seen on screen...
Meg Foster took the part of Hera, and  played this role for the rest of the production of Hercules and Xena  - in contrary to Zeus for example, who was played by four different actors over the years. Unfortunately it were just three episodes the Goddess appeared in, but to give the role to Meg Foster was definitely the best thing they ever did^^




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