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Relentless (1989)

“In the shadows of the city, a brilliant killer waits... for the ultimate thrill.”

“Rejected from the police force on psychological grounds, Buck Taylor exacts revenge by committing a string of brutal murders and taunting the LAPD. The only clues are pages torn from a telephone book and victims who appear to have somehow participated in their own deaths. But when a brash rookie detective pairs up with a cynical veteran to track down the killer, the cat-and-mouse game ends in a deadly fight to the finish.”


Carol Dietz
Sam Dietz
Arthur “Buck” Taylor
Bill Malloy
Todd Arthur

... Meg Foster
... Leo Rossi
... Judd Nelson
... Robert Loggia
... Patrick O’Bryan
... Ken Lerner
... Mindy Seeger
... Angel Tompkins

Directed by
William Lustig
Writing credits
Phil Alden Robinson

92 min.





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