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Leviathan (1989)

“From the director of ‘Rambo’ comes a terrifying new adventure set 10 thousand feet beneath the ocean waves.
When a team of deep sea divers discover the sunken remains of a Russian naval vessel called ‘Leviathan’, they unwittingly plunge themselves into the most deadly nightmare.
For ‘Leviathan’ was part of a Soviet Genetic Experiment that went horrifically wrong. Instead of creating a superhuman being, they created a mutated abhorration, capable of infecting human bodies and transforming them into its own likeness. At last released from its watery tomb, the virulent force attacks its new found hosts... one by one.
Peter ‘Robocop’ Weller stars in this harrowing movie that with the heart-pounding suspense of ‘Aliens’ and the breath-taking special effects of ‘The Fly’ will leave you gasping for air”


Steven Beck
Dr. Glenn Thompson
Elizabeth ‘Willie’ Williams
Buzz ‘Sixpack’ Parrish
Justin Jones
Tony ‘DeJesus’ Rodero
Bridget Bowman
G. P. Cobb

... Meg Foster
... Peter Weller
... Richard Crenna
... Amanda Pays
... Daniel Stern
... Ernie Hudson
... Michael Carmine
... Lisa Eilbacher
... Hector Elizondo

Directed by
George P. Cosmatos
Writing credits
David Webb Peoples
98 min.



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