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James Dean (1976)

Notes, Highlights & Rumors:

aka: The Legend

“Written by James Dean’s former roommate, fellow actor William Blast, this feature tells the turbulent story of the star’s rise to fame, and his tortured and self-destructive journey that ultimately led to the untimely end of a life filled with so much promise.”

“His name was James Byron Dean. He was an actor. He died in 1955 at the age of 24. He had starred in just three pictures, only one of which had been released prior to his death. Yet before he was in his grave he was already a myth. What you are about to see is one man's recollection - an image of the actor as seen through the eyes of a friend. Like all memories in is intensely personal, elusive and incomplete - yet it refuses to die...”

  • Meg Foster and Stephen McHattie were married


Dizzy Sheridan
James Dean
William Bast
Chris White
James Whitmore
Claire Folger
Norma Jean
Reva Randall
Mr. Robbins

... Meg Foster
... Stephen McHattie
... Michael Brandon
... Brooke Adams
... Julian Burton
... Candy Clark
... Dane Clark
... Kathrine Helmond
... Amy Irving
... Jayne Meadows
... Heather Menzies
... James O’Connell
... Leland Palmer

Directed by
Robert Butler
Writing credits
William Bast
Producer / Co-Producer
Gerald W. Abrams / William Bast /
John Forbes / Gerals I. Isenberg

94 min.




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