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Adam at 6 A.M. (1970)

“Michael Douglas portrays a young semantics professor drifting through relationships and flirting with different lifestyles in this intriguing drama that unfolds against a backdrop of the late 60’s. A respected teacher at a California college, Adam Gaines (Douglas) feels there’s something lacking in his present existence. When he attends the funeral of a relative in rural Missouri, he impulsively decides to stay for the summer and gets a job on the road crew of the local power company. It’s hard, often dangerous work in a world completely unlike anything Adam has ever known. But he’s befriended by a coworker (Joe Don Baker), falls in love, and for the first time is happy. Neverthless, his need to search for that elusive “something” resurfaces, challenging both Adam and those who have become part of his new life. Featuring strong performances from its entire cast, Adam at 6 A.M. is an auspicious second screen appearance for Douglas and a haunting film that shows a deep understanding of its charakters, setting and period.”


Adam Gaines
Jerri Jo Hopper
Harvey Gavin
Mrs. Hopper
Mr. Hopper
Inez Treadly
Van Treadly

... Meg Foster
... Michael Douglas
... Lee Purcell
... Joe Don Baker
... Louise Latham
... Charles Aidman
... Grayson Hall
... Marge Redmond
... Dana Elcar
... Ed Call
... Carollyn Conwell
... Butch Youngblood
... Greg Joseph

Directed by
Robert Scheerer
Writing credits
Elinor Karpf, Steven Karpf
100 min.


Sorry, the movie is not s/w - it’s just my tv-card... doesn’t work with NTSC


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