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A Different Story (1978)

“This is a story with a difference. While it follows a path that everyone who has ever been in love will relate to, the difference is always there - subtly, sensitively and often hilariously.

Albert is handsome, charming, intelligent and a great cook. He’s never had much interest in girls - except as friends.

Stella is attractive, quick-witted, delightful, sells luxury real estate, but her own little house in the Hollywood Hills is a mess. She doesn’t go out with boys. When Albert and Stella get married, it’s a marriage of convenience to prevent Albert’s deportation.

As the most unlikely romantic duo in screen history, King and Foster are warm and winning, the kind of young lovers audiences care about. This is the story of an unconventional love affair, handled with great humour.
A different story.”


Stella J. Cooke
Albert Walreavens
Mrs. Cooke
Mr. Cooke

... Meg Foster
... Perry King
... Valerie Curtin
... Lisa James
... Barbara Collentine
... Richard Bull
... Peter Donut
... Guerin Barry
... Doug Higgins
... Eugene Butler
... Linda Carpenter

Directed by
Paul Aaron
Writing credits
Henry Olek
Producer / associate Producer
Alan Belkin / Joy Shelton Davis

108 min.




Now, this is the highlight of Meg Fosters’ career if you ask me. I just loved that movie and it’s sad to see that there are so many inapt reviews on gay sites. They only seem to see the ‘homo becoming hetero’ plot and sometimes I wonder, if they really watched the movie…
Here’s a statement of Perry King, I absolutely agree with:

“[…] way ahead of it's time […] It's not about being straight or gay, but being true to yourself and recognizing the best things in life even when they surprise you."

With other words: it’s not important if you fall in love with a man or a woman, just stay who you are, because the one you’re with fell in love with you. I wonder why so many gay people see an offense there… after all, heterosexuals don’t score very well in this movie, ‘cause the moment they try to live up to the heterosexual cliché, they fail.
Oh, and all my respect to both actors here, for doing “A Different Story” at a time, where it was really risky to play a gay character! As we know, it did a lot of damage to their careers...

   A slightly different synopsis  

(Oh, and please... don’t klick this link, if you’re a homophobic...)





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